Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Official...I am a slacker!

I am officially the biggest summer slacker. I have not blogged in forever! We have been very busy! Potty training, swimming, family visits from Canada, working and my personal favorite...NAPPING! But here are some pictures from Freedom Weekend Aloft. Sam's parent live in Simpsonville and from their front yard we can watch the hot air balloons. Ryan LOVES it and this is the 3rd year we have gone. This year Sophie, Sam's big sister, was here to enjoy it with us.

Ryan with Papie's binocular's

Daddy and Ryan relaxing
The balloon's in the air

Now, the next set of pictures of of Ryan and him swimming all by himself. We were so proud of him. Normally, when we go swimming he hangs onto Sam or I for dear life. I had gone to the beach with Nana to finish up some wedding details and found some spider man floaters. We called them his BIG MUSCLES! Now, he can swim all by himself! He is the cutiest thing. He will even flex them and kiss each one of them like he is macho man! It is hilarious.

Well, hopefully I will do better. The countdown is on. Two weeks from yesterday and I will be a married woman again. Scary thought! Hope everyone is having a great summer!!!

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