Monday, March 30, 2009

We are in Canada!!!

Day 1
WE MADE IT!!! We have arrived! And so far WE are loving it. We woke up Saturday morning at 3:30a.m. and got ready. Raynald, Sam’s father, got to our house at 4:30a.m. and we loaded up and headed for the airport. Poor Ryan didn’t know what was going on. He was not happy being woke up so early but we figured he would go back to sleep on the way to the airport. Boy were we wrong. He stayed awake the entire time. So, once we got to the airport, we pulled up to the door and Sam and Raynald started on loading or 4 LARGE suitcases while I changed Ryan into his clothes. Since we thought he was going back to sleep we left him in his PJ’s. Once that was done, we headed inside to get checked in. I must say 5 o’clock in the morning is the best time to travel. There wasn’t hardly anybody there and it was fast. Which is nice when you are holding a 30+ pound baby. So, we got checked in and our bags were off, we went and told Raynald good bye and we headed for upstairs to go through security. WE MADE IT THROUGH! Normally, Sam is the one who gets pulled aside from everybody and practically stripped searched. But we had NO problems what so ever so it was nice. So, we went to wait at our gate and we kept showing Ryan all the planes and he was loving it. He just kept looking at the saying, “Look, the plane!” It was precious! Finally, we got to start loading the plane and it was a first for me. We actually had to go down a set of stairs and WALK to the plane outside. It didn’t have a ramp like all the other planes! I have never! I thought they only did that stuff in the movies and for the president! Anyway, we loaded the plane, had to do some seat switching b/c this was the one flight we couldn’t pick out seats and of course we didn’t have seats together. But, we got settled and we were off. Ryan did so well on the plane. Sam and I were so proud. He LOVED it! He kept saying, “GO FAST!” I guess he liked the take off. Then, when we were landing he kept saying, “We going down!” It was funny! So, we arrived in Detroit ahead of schedule. We had about a hour and a half to kill. We got off the plane and found the screen that has all the flights listed to find our next gate. WE GOT LUCKY! Our next flight was only one gate down. We were expecting a 10 mile hike with Ryan in tow. We were so happy. So, we stopped and got Ryan some chocolate milk and just went walking to get him some exercise. They had those moving sidewalks (I think that is what you call them) and Ryan loved those. He would get on and for the first half he would run and then about mid way through it he would stop and let it take him to the end. So, after we burned some energy we went to our gate and waited. We went ahead and filled out the declaration form you have to fill out for customs and we were ready to go. They started loading our flight shortly after and we were off again. We like this flight b/c we were in the very back and we had 3 empty seats behind us which was great. We moved back a seat so Ryan could play and hit the seat in front of us if he wanted too. We arrived in Montreal WAY ahead of schedule. I think it was about 45 minutes early. We unloaded and headed for customs which in this airport is another 10 mile hike from the gate. We got lucky AGAIN!!! At the top of the steps there was a golf cart that is supposed to be for handicapped people BUT they gave us a ride which was nice b/c Ryan was tired at this point and we would have had to carry him the entire time. They dropped us off right in front of customs. It was nice. We went through the line and got to by pass the big line b/c we already had the form filled out and ready. We got our passports stamped and it was on to the baggage claim. As we got downstairs to it our flight’s luggage was just starting to come out we grabbed a cart, found our bags and we were heading out to meet Patrice. Well, we came out of the doors to the pick up area and there was NO Pat! No Sophie! Nobody was there. We looked around and they were not there yet. So we waited! About 20 minutes later here they come. They had all the kids wit them and they had balloons to welcome us! So we headed to the car, loaded up and headed for their house. The weather was great. It felt like we were in Spartanburg. We played all afternoon outside! Ryan never took a nap and finally crashed at 6 and slept all night. It really turned out to be a great day. Sam and both crashed about 9 that night.

Day 2
We woke up Sunday morning and it was raining. So, we just relaxed around the house and spent time with Sebastien (Sam’s brother) and his family. They had come down from Quebec City (about 3 hours north of Montreal) to spend some time with us. They left about lunch time. Sam and I went and to grab some lunch and I ate at my first Canadian fast food restaurant, Harvey’s. It was pretty good. Then, we headed back to the house watched some TV for a few minutes and then Sam took Ryan and I for a ride to show us some of where he grew up. I got to see the house he was raised in, and some of his old friends houses and where he used to hand out. He showed me the rich part of town. Obviously you have money here if you have two things….1-a lot of land and 2-a two car garage. It is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Everybody has 1 car garages which is not that common in Spartanburg and they don’t use them. I told Sam yesterday, “The best way I can describe what it looks like here to me is a scene from a Brady Bunch movie. I feel like I am stuck in the 70’s in a Brady Bunch movie.” Just the architecture is so different here. But, like I said land is expensive so instead of building out, you build up. Most everybody has at least a two story house….and if you count the basement a 3 story house. So, it is nothing like back home. Anyway, for dinner we went to “Old Duluth.” Not sure I a spelling it right but oh well. It was good! We had Chicken skewers (the call them something different in French but I don’t remember what it was) and shrimp with rice and salad and potato wedges and soup. And that is not to mention the bread they bring out as an appetizer. I was stuffed! But it was so worth it. We came back home and put Ryan to bed and not too long after we to bed ourselves. Tomorrow is Ryan’s 3rd Birthday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

24 hours and counting...

In less than 24 hours we will be in the air on our way to Canada! I still can not believe it is here! We got just about everything packed last night! I think I have just about everything packed except the kitchen sink! Just kidding. I am really proud of myself right now. I have not overpacked like I normally do. I am still have room in my suitcase for my make up and dryer and straightener. I am so proud of myself. HOWEVER.....we did have to call Sam's parents and borrow their 2 BIG suitcases b/c my one big, one medium and 2 small just were NOT cutting it last night! So, I have a BIG one with all my stuff, Sam has one with all his stuff and Ryan has a Medium one with all his stuff. Then, the last suitcase is a BIG one with all our coats and shoes in it. I have never traveled anywhere before where you had to pack so many WARM clothes. They take up so much more room that your normal summery clothes! But we will manage. We are allowed afterall 2 checked bags per person! The fun part will be when we get to Canada..... We will have 4 rolling suitcases.....a laptop bag, Ryan's toy bag, my purse, the toiletry bad, and another carry one bag/Ryan's diaper bag to Ryan and it is going to be just me and Sam. Won't we be a sight. I am hoping we can get Ryan to ride on one of the suitcases or find a luggage cart! We shall see!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready for Canada...

Well, Ryan is ready to go! As you can see below:
Ryan packing his toys in his suitcase!

Trying to get his suitcase zipped
All packed
Get Ready
Let's GO! I wonder if he will actually do this when we get to the airport!

Mommy's Papa and Grandma Dianne's BD Present

Papa and Grandma Dianne's present came Monday and Ryan was supper excited he had another present to open. When he opened it up and saw it what it was he just kept saying, "It's a dinosaur! It's a dinosaur!" And of course it is like any other toy and hard as a rock to get into. Sam was trying to get it out for him and Ryan was trying to help. It was too cute for words. Grandma did good! He LOVES it! Evertime he sees it he say, "Want turn on dinosaur!" Anyway, here are the pictures of him opening it and playing with it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ryan's 3rd Birthday Party!!!

We had Ryan's 3rd Birthday party this weekend at our house! It was a blast....well for the most....let me clarify....It was fun until I fell on my rollerblades straight on my tail bone. Very painful! Anyway, we had the whole family over....including my ex, his new girl, and the ex father-in-law. We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and ate cake. This was the first year that we didn't get him a Car's cake....we got him a Madagascar cake and it turned out beautiful! I was really excited! Anyway, here are the pictures from it. Sorry, but I don't have any of me busting my booty in our driveway!

I have to tell you about this one...once the candles were lite he did not like it. He clung to me for dear life and made me blow out the candles.

Besides the falling incident it went really well. We all had a good time! Can't wait till next year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's almost here

A week from tomorrow we will be loading up and Ryan will be taking his first flight to Canada. We are so incredibally excited that there are no words to describe it! Frankly, I am not quiet sure that a week is going to be enough time to fit everything in that Sam wants to do and show us! The good new's is that I am taking my camera and a laptop so hopefully I will be able to post pic's to my blog everyday! I think the 2 things that I am most excited about are:

1-we are going snow tubing-I guess this is the correct name for it-who knows but its a single tube you go down one at a time. Never done this before so it should be fun! I get to see snow again!

2-we are going to some place where they make maple syrup...not the stuff you buy in the stores but the real thing. Anyway, at this place they take snow and pack it in this pan and then pour hot maple syrup on top of the snow and then you take a popsicle stick and just start turning it in the mix and it makes some kind of popsicle or something. It sounds good and sweet which is right up my alley!

3-shopping....come on now....who doesn't love shopping in a country they have never been too!

4-Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate. and did I mention chocolate. Sam and his family have me addicted to this candy bar that you can only get in Canada. It is called a Mirage and OMG it is sooooooo good. It just melts in your mouth. So good! We got a box of them for Christmas and just finished off the last ones last night! there was more than 2 things there but I am just so excited. I can't wait!

Sam has told me I can't start packing yet. I am the queen of over prepairedness (don't really know if that is a word but it is today). I am so OCD that I have to have my list of everything I need, everything clean and laided out that needs to go with me and everything must be packed a week in advance! I know....I am terrible....but that is the way I am. And I over pack too! But I hate to get stuck miles away from home and not have something you need! That drives me crazy. And I am so cheap that I hate to have to go to the store to buy a new one when I know I have a perfectly good one sitting at home. So, needless to say Sam has told me I can't even start packing until Thursday! That is just not enough time. And if it is not bad enough that I do this while I am conscience but I dream about it too. I dream all the time that I am going somewhere and I am running late and I'm not packed and I forgot everything I need. It is just awful! But it gets worse....the night before I go somewhere I can not relax.....sleep yeah right. As soon as I lay down everything will start going through my mind....did I pack this.....did I pack that....oh I need to remember to get that and that and that in the morning (and usually forget everything I needed to remember to pack). Maybe I will sleep on the plane....since it leave at 6:10 in the morning. Yeah right....keep dreaming.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ryan's Passport is on its way!

I just got the best news ever....well, just about. I called to check the status of Ryan's passport and the lady told me that the book had been made and it was on its way to us! I about let out a scream of joy in my office! If I hadn't had 2 kids in here I probably would of! That was a big worry for us whether it was going to get back in time or not and it is! So, we are good to go for Canada! Only 2 weeks and 1 day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today is Dress Fitting #1

I go today to have my 1st dress fitting. Which the dress fits everywhere except for the length. It is like a foot too long! So, I have NEVER had anything altered before so this should be interesting. Hopefully, I can go today...they will see how much they need to heem it and we will be done! Shouldn't be too hard right?

Anyway, we are now 2 weeks and 2 days away from our trip to Canada. I told Sam last night I was ready to start packing. We are still waiting on Ryan's passport. I just sent in a form that they needed so hopefully they have everything they need and we will get it within the next couple of days. We will keep our fingers crossed!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zachary's 5th Birthday Party

For Zachary's 5th family BD party we went to eat at Pizza Inn in Duncan. We had a lot of fun and as always ate way too much! Then, we topped it off with Cookie Cake. Mmmmmmmm!

Our Snow Pic's!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Count down till Canada...

The count down is on.....only 21 days till we leave! I am so excited and nervous. Flying is not my favorite and I don't know how Ryan is going to do since this will be his first time flying. Should be intersting. Hopefully the movies will keep him occupied. Do they make dramimine for toddlers?

I keep forgetting my camera so I can post our pictures in the snow! Hopefully, I will remember to bring it next week! We really did have fun and Ryan was so cute!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dress Shopping

This weekend I went dress shopping. I took my mom and my soon to be mother in law, Micheline along to help me decide. We had alot of fun! Here are some of the dresses I tried on. I am not telling which one I did decide on. That's going to be a surprise.

But it was fun even if it was pooring down rain. My mom and I always say we do our best shopping when it is raining and we really did! Now, everything is just about done and I can sit back and relax. I am so excited.
I went yesterday after my hair cut to pick up Sam's ring. They had to order it and they had called the day before and said it was in. Well, I picked it up and took it home and gave it to him to try on and it fell off! In the store the size 12 fit snug but the ring we bought him was a "comfort fit" and we knew it was going to be a little looser but we had NO idea it was going to fall off. So, we are making another trip to the jewelers today! Hopefully, we will get it right before July. Now, we are just waiting on mine to get back from sizing!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March???

I can NOT believe that it really is snowing outside!  I heard everybody talking about it but like usual....I figured it would bypass us just like it always does.....Boy was I wrong.  It is beautiful.  Its like a preview to Canada!  We went outside and played for a little bit on the off chance that it would be gone in the morning.  Ryan was too cute for words.  We had a snow ball fight!  And I won....of course!  Can't wait for in the morning to take Ryan back out!  I don't know who will be more excited..... me or Ryan?  

Anyway, this has been a productive weekend.  I have just about everything in place for our wedding.  I have the minister, Sam and Ryan's outfits, my dress, and the cake and bouquet is picked out.  Now, its chill time.