Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Rhonda...

Here is my entire kitchen.

I don't suggest white cabinets if at all possible. They show EVERYTHING. But you work with what you got! I think it turned out pretty good myself.

The 2 new cabinets that Ryan helped put together.

The new range and microwave.

The dishwasher

And all my counterspace that I am NOT used to having!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The kitchen is done!

All of our new appliances have been delivered and installed...the two new cabinets are put together...it is a good day! The kitchen is beautiful! The white is not so overpowering now. It is great! Anyway....here are the pictures of the new dishwasher and microwave.

This is the wierdest microwave I think I have ever had. It has a turn dial to set the cook time. It is like a button for the volumn on the radio. I have never seen one like that. It is taking some getting used too. But it works great! And I have so much counterspace now that the microwave is over the range and not on my counter! I am so happy!
Now, it is on to yet another project....FINISHING THE GARAGE!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Items for Sale Pictures

I know it took me long enough but here are the pictures of my two wedding dresses, the ping pong table and the power tower.

This is the skirt that goes underneath the dress to make it even poofier than it already is!

The detachable train

If you know anybody that is intersted they can email me at gingervezina@att.net or call my home at 864-439-0650.
8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. school being out
2. getting married
3. spending a week at the beach
4. 3 o'clock everyday (that's when I get off)
5. Naps with Ryan on the weekends
6. spending time with Sam and Ryan
7. Nerf gun wars
8. Getting our new dishwasher

8 things I did yesterday
1. Drank coffee
2. baked a pound cake for Nana-her favorite
3. shopped for more Nerf Guns
4. Had my family over for a party with Nana
6. Ran
7. Did Laundry
8. Held Ryan

8 things I wish I could do
1. Gourmet cooking
2. own my own business
3. fly like superman
4. learn how to work on cars
5. speak French
6. Work less and get paid more
7. Make time slow down
8. Travel more

8 shows that I watch
1. Survivor
2. Biggest Loser
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. American Idol
5. Days of our lives
5. Jon and Kate plus 8
6. What not to wear
7. Amazing Cakes
8. Phineas and Ferb

Tag 8 friends
I am tagging anyone that wants to do this. It really is fun and harder than it looks!

Nana's Birthday Party

Well, Nana's Birthday was April 14th and I had planned her a surprise BD party at our house this weekend. She knew it was a family get together BUT she didn't know it was a surprise party for her. I was worried at first b/c I had not talked to Nana since Friday and I had tried calling and calling her to make sure she was still coming and I could not get in touch with her. So, needless to say i was panicing there for a bit. But all went well as usual and we had a great time. Our favorite part (and I think it was my brothers favorite part too) was what Sam and I had planned for after lunch...NERF GUN WAR!!! We had gotten up that morning and gone to Target, Wal-mart, and Toys R Us on a mission for Nerf Guns...well from the looks of these pictures I would say we succeeded!
We wanted to make sure that everyone had a gun to defend themselves!

The BIG Daddy's!

SGT Martin.....at ease!

Outlaw Sam...ready to rock!

Private Martin....loaded and ready to unleash

Of course I had to get in on it!

Daddy and Ryan after everybody went home!
I really don't know who had more fun....the kids or adults. OR Nana...yes I don't have a picture of it but even Nana and Mr. Steve got in on the action! IT was Great! I know what I am getting Andrew and Zachary for either there BD or Christmas! Two guns with plenty of reloads!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Items for Sale

We are "Spring cleaning" at our house and we have a few items for sale. Either comment on my blog and I will get in touch with you or if you know somebody who is interested either refer them to my blog or give them my contact info. Anyway, the items for sale are: drum roll please....

1. Ping Pong Table-$50
In great condition
2. Body Champ Power Tower VKR System-$50
A complete upper body workout machine
Pull-up, dip, vertical knee raise, and push-up stations
3. Wedding dress-$300
This dress is a A line dress. The top bodice is beaded with small straps and a scoop neckline. The skirt is plane satin material with a detachable chapel length train. Size 8
4. Wedding dress-$300
This dress is the classic Cinderella dress. It is strapless with a sweetheart neckline. They back is a corset with a chapel length train. It has beads and tulle....it is beautiful. Size 8
If you want to email me directly my e-mail address is: gingervezina@att.net
I am going to try and get some pictures posted of these items this afternoon so you have a visual. Who knows...I may get home and find some more stuff to sell!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ryan and a Hammer

Scary thought right? Well, yesterday Sam and I bought two new cabinets for our kitchen b/c ours needless to say are full and running over. So, we start putting them together last night and Ryan comes over and starts playing with the tools. He is such a helper that when we got to the stop of hammering in the wooden doles we decided to let him have a try and surprisingly he did quiet well. Here are some pictures of him hammering away.

You see where Sam has his fingers...
Sheer Determination!
Why is it things work better when your tongue is sticking out?

Towards the end he would let Sam finish but I thought for a 3 year old to have that much determination and coordination I was shocked. He did so good we may let him put the last one together himself. LOL!

Hooky Monday

Ryan and I were supposed to go on a field trip with his class Monday to Hollywild Zoo. Well, needless to say it got canceled and we played hooky. I had the choice of taking him to school and going to work or staying home with him on a rainy Monday...Well...you see what I chose....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here are some pictures from Easter. We had a blast. Nana cooked lunch and everybody came over to my house to eat. Nana out did her self as usual. After lunch, we had an egg hunt for the kids. After all the eggs were found the real eggs turned into baseballs and I know have bits of broken eggs all over the back yard but its okay b/c we had so much fun! Anyway, here is Ryan first thing going trough his Easter basket the Easter bunny brought him.

Mommy and Ryan cheesing for the camera!

Ryan hunting eggs!

Daddy and Ryan-he fell and scraped his leg :(

All the kids with their baskets

Ryan checking out what kind of goods he scored!

Our New Stove!!!

It Came!!! We got a call from Lowe's at 7:14 am Saturday morning letting us know what time they would be there to delivery our stove. I don't know who was more excited....me or Sam. But they got to our house at 10 and they brought it in and set it up and hauled off the old one. If anyone is thinking of getting new appliances I suggest doing it now b/c Lowe's has a rebate promo going on now where you end up getting free delivery and haul off. But anyway here is our new stove and it is wonderful. It heats up fast unlike our last stove and it cooks fast too. And this was the first thing we baked in the new stove! It baked in 24 minutes for 2 nine inch round cake pans...I couldn't believe it! That was the lowest amount of time the box said which on any other stove would not have been enough time but for this stove....not a problem. Can you imagine if I had used the convection speed bake option? I am in Love!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I never thought this day would come! I don't know ifi it is just me or what but this has been the longest week ever!!! I am still not back in my groove! Definately looking forward to the weekend. It's Easter! Nana is cooking (which means you know its going to be good) and Sam and I are hosting. We love having all the kids over! They go outside and play on the playset and enjoy themselves. Ryan loves having the company too!

Nana gave me a task this Easter....she always makes a bunny cake for Easter and this year she has given me the job! (I'm in trouble). But I am excited at the Challenge never the less. Sam and I just bought a new stove, dishwasher and microwave and the stove should be here Saturday so this is going to be the first thing I am going to bake in the new oven! We are so excited! It is the first steps at making our kitchen pretty! IF you have never seen our kitchen it is not the prettiest thing ever. It is all white cabinets and white appliances and a whiteish gray floor....It is TOO much white. So, we got black appliance to hopefully offset some of the white. Our next project will be tiling the area between the bottom cabinet and the top cabinet. I think it is called a backsplash? Maybe? Should be interesting considering Sam and I are do-it-yourself people and we have never down what we are about to do. I will take plenty of pictures to show off how it does or does not turn out. But for sure I will have pictures of the new stove on here by Monday! Can't wait.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I finally got my pictures to load!!! I am so happy! So here is our trip! This first one is us waiting to board our first flight to Detroit.

Ryan looking at planes!

Playing in the street...Yes it is actually safe to do that there!

A shot of the street where we played

Laurianne and Ryan

Yes...you see right....that is Sam trying to use the "Skip it" I didn't know they still made them.

Ryan out cold at 6 p.m. He had only been up since 4:30a.m. without a nap!

This is the only picture I got of Sam's brother Seb and his wife Melanie and their daughter Molly

This is at the mall we went to. Ryan was enjoying throwing money into the fountain.

This was the night we went to Old Deluth. All the girls were getting their hair done and he had to have his done. Doesn't he look handsome?

His favorite spot...hiding in the cabinets in the kitchen.

They made him a birthday cake...and again...I had to blow out the candle.

This is Emilie.

This is Ryan and mine's first ever subway ride.

Sophie (Sam's sister) and her husband Patrice

Sam and I on the subway
A beautiful church in Montreal

Ryan and Xavier in the stroller as we walked in Montreal

A building in Montreal

Ryan on the way back to Laval on the subway or as they call it....the Metro.